Saturday, July 10, 2010

Very Full 1st Week

This is Saturday morning and we will be going to Goree Island where we will have a lecture by Dr. Ibrahima Seck, an historian. Goree Island is the Island where they gathered slaves before shipping them to America.

Our first week of studies has been very interesting. The Director of WARC is quite a gregarious person; always laughing, dancing and making sure all of our needs have been met. Most of our lectures have been about the culture, history and politics of Senegal and West Africa. I have been very surprised by the complexity of these issues but even more surprised by the always eloquent often poignant manner in which our presenters bring out bits of clearity from these surprisingly byzantine topics.


  1. Wow! What a cool experience! I will be interested to read more of your adventures. :)

  2. What does Goree Island look like?

    Omarion Aponte- Justice