Friday, July 23, 2010

Morning in Toubacouta

We were on the road most of the day yesterday but, I saw this boy in an Obama shirt when we stopped for lunch. After a very bumpy ride, we eventually arrived in Toubacouta and are staying in a very nice place on the Saloum River. We've already seen some monkeys and will be taking a trip down the river this afternoon. I wanted to upload a video but the connection here isn't good enough.


  1. I love this picture.
    Peace and blessings for all you do.
    Safe travels home.

    Miss Finley

  2. * I think the way the boy wore that Obama T-shirt symbolized hope that if an African American can be president of the United States maybe they can change the hardship of their living conditions into conviction for success

    Omarion Aponte- Justice