Saturday, July 24, 2010

Late Night and a busy day

Here's a picture of my lunch from yesterday.

Today we went south to the Gambian boarder and talked the guards into letting us cross without a visa.

This is a video from a party the people in the village gave us last night. It seems I have become the John Travolta of Toubacouta. They really like my dancing. It may take a few minutes to load but, it's worth it.


  1. Hey, this is great, but I'm having a hard time seeing details, as it is quite dark. If you need help adjusting the video when you get back, let me know! I still have the lab for a little while longer.

  2. * What did it taste like? A normal fish?
    * Do you think that the music was more spiritually/emotionally connected than a song you would hear on the radio in America?

    Omarion Aponte- Justice